As asphalt driveways and parking lots age, they also deteriorate. To protect your concrete, you need to apply a sealcoat. A sealcoat is a strong mixture of asphalt, minerals, water and other binders that conforms to your concrete surface. Renvick Resurfacing LLC offers comprehensive sealcoating services in the Beloit, WI area. We’ll make your old asphalt look like new in no time.

To take advantage of our sealcoating services, contact Renvick Resurfacing today. We’ll seal any asphalt surfaces, from residential driveways to commercial parking lots.

3 benefits of sealcoating

In addition to making your asphalt look new, sealcoating is also beneficial because:

  • It protects your asphalt from sun and water, the two largest factors in concrete deterioration.
  • It improves the friction on your surface, making it easier for cars to stop safely.
  • It increases the life span of your concrete for over a decade.
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